Program at a glance

Time Workshop Course Director
08.00 – 15.00 Workshop on Pediatric ECG

Rubiana S., MD

Anggia Chairudin L., MD

Workshop on ECG in Emergency Department

Muhammad Muqsith, MD

Workshop on AF and Stroke Prevention

Indah Aprianti P., MD

Simon Salim, MD

Workshop on Syncope and Sudden Cardiac Death

Doni Friadi, MD

Workshop on Holter Monitoring

Benny Setiadi, MD

Workshop on Permanent Pacemaker: Focus on His Bundle Pacing

Giky Karwiky, MD

Workshop on Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology (Wet Lab)

Pipin Ardhianto, MD

Budi Ario Tejo, MD

Workshop for Allied Professional: SVT from ECG to Ablation

Iyan Solihin