8th Annual Scientific Meeting Indonesian Heart Rhythm Society (InaHRS) 2021

  03 September - 04 Dec 2021

We are glad to invite you to the 8th Annual Scientific Meeting Indonesian Heart Rhythm Society (InaHRS) 2021, which will be held from September to December 2021. This event will be divided into 2 online session; webinar series sessions and symposium sessions. As previous meetings, we are looking forward to share the updates from and for physicians and allied professionals in the medical field of arrhythmia & electrophysiology and cardiac implantable electronic devices from basic to clinical appliance. We are hoping through this meeting there will be a good development in the field of arrhythmia.

The 8th Annual Scientific Meeting InaHRS will provide many opportunities for participants to interact with speakers, as well as networking with colleagues and friends from both Indonesia and abroad. Our main goal is to provide a virtuous scientific program that keeps participants updated to the newest diagnosis and management in the field or cardiac rhythm. This year’s meeting will start with online webinar series in September and final symposium sessions in December 2021. There will be many programs such as workshops, meet the expert sessions, ECG championship, unknown EGM tracing, up-to-date symposium topics, and lectures from well-known faculties national and international.

At least one thousand participants are expected to join this event, comprise of physicians who play important roles in the field, and also allied professional who go deep into the arrhythmia field. 

Last but not least, right now we are living in the pandemic era of COVID-19, but we believe that we must not stop to exposing ourselves to the up-to-date knowledge by learning and sharing.  Though predominantly online, we hope that we can offer you a fruitful experience with certain entertaining social atmosphere.