Allied Professional Electrophysiology Training

Created on 02 May 2019

Cardiovascular field of work has been developing well, especially in arrhythmia or electrophysiology. In addition, many cardiovascular center local areas are developed, thus increasing the number of physicians or cardiologist who have been serving a fellowship program in arrhythmia in the country, or even overseas. These things made Indonesia Heart Rhythm Society (InaHRS) feel necessary to conduct a training program for arrhythmia, targeting nurses, technicians, and other clinical support and professions who works on electrophysiology field of work. At the end of the training, trainees are expected to have sufficient knowledge and skills in arrhythmia and can do well in their respective center.

InaHRS is implementing some training programs including arrhythmia ablation and arrhythmia devices, consisting of basic cardiac anatomy and even more complicated things like 3D mapping ablation and advanced device to analyzing ECG and EGM, not only theories but also practices as the trainees interact directly with electrophysiologist in performing diagnostic or invasive procedure such as TTT EP, EP study, conventional ablation, and ablation 3D.